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I’m a developer living in Cleveland, Ohio. My interests include web development, programming languages, and, increasingly, systems programming.

Much of my professional work is web development-related. I’ve been writing JavaScript since 2014 and I know my way around many big frameworks. Projects outside of work tend to be related to web development or Rust.


Some fun projects I’ve worked on recently:

I’m hoping to start contributing to open source projects as well!

Working with me

If you are in need of software development work on a contractual, part time basis (that is, you don’t mind me working in the evenings!), please get in touch. I’m familiar with a wide variety of languages, frameworks, tools, and platforms. If there’s something I don’t know, I trust that I can figure it out quickly.

My experience, as stated partially above, includes:

I am AWS certified.


Address and phone number are available upon request.

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