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You Should Try Emacs

No, really, you should try Emacs. I gave it a shot a few months ago and now I’m hooked. I know Emacs isn’t the most trendy thing these days, in fact it seems that VS Code is the new hotness. But Emacs deserves your attention. Let me start by telling you how I arrived at Emacs: some time ago I used IntelliJ for work, almost exclusively. IntelliJ is great, honestly. You can do a lot without having to leave the editor, which I came to realize was something I wanted from an editor.

A Guide to Promises in JavaScript

Although the async and await keywords are now part of standard JavaScript, under the hood they ultimately use Promises. Here we’ll explore what Promises are, why they’re needed, and how you can “promisify” callbacks in JavaScript. I find a lot of newcomers are often confused by terms like “callbacks”, “Promises”, and what exactly async and await do. I hope to clear that up with this article. For the sake of clarity, this guide will use function syntax, and not arrow functions.